The Magic Fountain LP

by The Magic Fountain

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released March 1, 2016

recorded, mixed, and mastered by billy mannino at haverford recording, september 2015

all songs written and arranged by tom lizo and pj larocco

tom lizo- guitar, bass, keys, synth, percussion, vocals
pj larocco- drums, percussion, vocals



all rights reserved


The Magic Fountain Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Hatemale, Pt. 1
how do you love someone who wants to destroy themselves
who values their aesthetic way more than their mental health
who hates the things that you enjoy
who hates that they were raised a boy
it's toxic, it's beautiful, it's love
Track Name: Glamscum's First Communion
i was consumed with how you carried yourself
you are a shimmering venus, a demigod
you'd never hurt me, and i believed you
you really loved me, that's what i thought
but i've never been so wrong
and i haven't been okay in so long

this is my chopped up body on a flowery stage
the body is a friend when it's not being a cunt
watch it crack and become divine before your very eyes
so take this all of you and drink from it
i found myself at the bottom of a pitcher
of vodka, dr pepper and red wine
this is the cup of my blood

you really almost scared me straight
well i did that for 20 years
now i am glam, and i am scum
i can't be stopped, i have no fear
and you can fuck right off.
i found my queer hell demon spawn
Track Name: Bikini Kill Bill
you said you wanted intimacy, my little lady shoegaze
with yr high profile, with yr bony body and yr cheshire smile
come and dance with me, come and dance with me
nobody dances anymore and that's a tragedy
this is a monument, you are a metaphor
i am a black and white movie, yr the orchestra
come and dance with me come and dance with me
nobody dances anymore and that's a tragedy

i'm sick of being so alone
but all i'm going to do is bitch and moan

and the world's a movie musical and we are the ensemble
and i'm singing + i'm snapping in the fragile hope that someone will follow
come and dance with me, come and dance with me
nobody ever wants to dance for me
this is my failed attempt at making peace with you
this song's the worst of it's kind but its the best i can do
so come and dance with me, come and dance with me
nobody dances anymore and that's a tragedy
Track Name: Song for Dong Island
we tried to have a civil discussion
about the rent we owed
about what we contributed to a space that we called home
but the thing about civil discussions
is that they rarely include
getting punched in the goddamn mouth
because you thought i interrupted you

and she said where you gonna sleep tonight
this is me now, i have no act right
i took your money, beat up your friends
and i'd do it again

you took us all out on the front lawn
you called us all freeloading scum
but for as worldly as you say you are
you were so ignorant as to what you had done
you took away a sense of safety and progress
and replaced it with the fear of god
with every clubby blow you landed
with every door frame that has been ripped off
Track Name: They
every boy who told me that they wanted me
only wanted me to give them head
everything you love is problematic
everything you love is gonna wind up dead
so here's your song, i hope you love it so
this is the only one you get, just so you know

instead of that dress you love so much
they're gonna bury you in a suit and tie
as to not embarrass the family
any more than you did when you were alive
oh, rest in piece to your god-given rights
oh rest in pieces your god-given rights, your always right

so here's your song i hope you love it so
this is the only one you get just so you know
Track Name: Virginia Sex Riot!
cocaine, marijuana, pigtails, coca cola
as long as i stay pretty
then nobody can ever hurt me

bougie white piece of shit brooklyn bands suck my ass
as long as i stay pretty
then nobody can ever hurt me
Track Name: Mr. Kramer
mr kramer is a teacher at your local high school
and he never left long island cause he never had to
after all, why would you leave,
this place has everything you need
such a beautiful community to buy into

mr kramer send his kids off on a yellow bus
and he doesnt have to kiss his wife because
theyll see each other 15 minutes later in the teachers lounge
he never had to look for love,
his job is where his love was found

and kramer had his time at university
where he'd tell us tall tales of how he'd make girls scream
yet he only went to college 30 minutes from his house
living in the same damn house that he lives in now

mr kramer is way happier than you or me
and his story scares the living shit out of me
i guess he just became cool with mediocrity
mr kramer is way happier than you or me
Track Name: I Wanna Be a Cop
i wanna be a cop, i wanna be a cop
but im gunna ride a board so they dont know that im a cop
theyll offer me a doobie i'll politefully decline
then im gunna go and see if they can walk a straight line
dude yr fucking cool, dude yr fucking cool
ill learn all the lingo so they think i fucking rule
then ill flash my lights theyll turn and run,
run run run from the sound of my gun

i wanna be a dad, i wanna be a dad
be a part of the couch just like my dad
i'll watch soap operas during the day
and then complain that i wont get laid
honey get the kids, honey get the kids
ive gotta see if the mets win and when they dont ill sit and cry
cry cry cry cause i lost my life
Track Name: Mermaids Are Real
you are the chief and i am the indian
we'll dance around the fire on the beach
where you said "i don't trust myself"
i dont trust anyone but you feel nice when yr close to me

and the moon came out every night to see the ocean
and the ocean always moved for the moon
if yr gunna take a ride up 87
i'd like to see you soon

if you are hemingway, i'm in the 10th grade
i'm struggling to read you as i hope for the best
you speak of wanderlust, i speak of free love
if you took me seriously thatd be the best

but the shaking in yr tiny voice says otherwise
and yr fingernails turn into claws before my eyes
with yr hands around my throat i feel so violently high
and this is how i'm gonna die
Track Name: Shemp
i left my whiskey on the floor, he dont love me anymore
and ghosts are following me, crossing mountains and seas
just to violate me
i kicked a hole in my guitar, dont you know its super hard
getting high all the time, swapping pizzas for dimes
waiting for our abusers to die

well we all go to hell
but its cool cause there's gonna be birthday cake and party games
there's nowhere in this world i'd feel so safe
Track Name: Hatemale, Pt. 2
i'm sorry i told you i wanted to hear yr voice
i'd forgotten what it sounded like
and i know i come on a little strong sometimes
i've heard that bit once or twice
and oh, i'm done playing dumb

and i'm so proud of you, i know i'm not always
the best that i can be, and you deserve a little more than me
and i just wanted to remind you that you never have to be alone
as long as my number's still in yr phone
i'm just a call away

and when you come to new york city darling
we're gonna burn that shithole to the ground
at least that's what i'm hoping for
at least that's what i'm praying to
i just hope that you love me too
i hope