The First Two Demos

by The Magic Fountain

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tracks 1-4 previously released as "you ever think about lasers? EP"
tracks 5-10 previously released as "morning meds & vital signs EP"

all songs recorded by tom lizo and max gottesman
all songs mastered by max gottesman

"bruises" and "all good things" written by rachael soluri
all other songs written by tom lizo

tom lizo- guitar, bass, piano, drums, vocals
rachael soluri- vocals
spencer woodley- guitar
lana migliore- guitar

artwork by tom lizo


released June 23, 2015



all rights reserved


The Magic Fountain Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Mermaids Are Real
you are the chief and i am the indian
we'll dance around the fire on the beach
where you said "i don't trust myself"
i dont trust anyone but you feel nice when yr close to me

and the moon came out every night to see the ocean
and the ocean always moved for the moon
if yr gunna take a ride up 87
i'd like to see you soon

if you are hemingway, i'm in the 10th grade
i'm struggling to read you as i hope for the best
you speak of wanderlust, i speak of free love
if you took me seriously thatd be the best

but the shaking in yr tiny voice says otherwise
and yr fingernails turn into claws before my eyes
with yr hands around my throat i feel so violently high
and this is how i die
Track Name: Wonderboy
i've been told many times
to shut my mouth and speak when spoken to
i'm sorry that i tried to be cool, and that wasn't cool
i wish i was cool just like you

do whoever you want
i'm sorry that my pants aren't gunna be tight enough for you
i'm sorry that i tried to be cool, and that wasn't cool
i wish i was cool just like you
Track Name: Human Trash
nice to meet you, i am damaged goods
and all my problems will become somebody else's problems
soon enough now, i will smother myself
in all my dirty laundry and wait for someone to come find me

hi, how are you, i am human trash
but i just want to love you, you are such a precious thing
and you'll destroy me if i let you
and then youll tell yr friends about how i should be on medication

you'll be the writer and i'll be yr page, dear
its funny how lost we can be when we're safe here
Track Name: Bikini Kill Bill
you said you wanted intimacy, my little lady shoegaze
with yr high profile, with yr bony body and yr cheshire smile
come and dance with me, come and dance with me
nobody dances anymore and that's a tragedy
this is a monument, you are a metaphor
i am a black and white movie, yr the orchestra
come and dance with me come and dance with me
nobody dances anymore and that's a tragedy

i'm sick of being so alone
but all i'm going to do is bitch and moan

and the world's a movie musical and we are the ensemble
and i'm singing + i'm snapping in the fragile hope that someone will follow
come and dance with me, come and dance with me
nobody ever wants to dance for me
this is my failed attempt at making peace with you
this song's the worst of it's kind but its the best i can do
so come and dance with me, come and dance with me
nobody dances anymore and that's a tragedy
Track Name: Morning Meds and Vital Signs
don't tell me that you love me if you don't plan to follow through
and don't call me crazy when i tell you that i love you too
don't call me from the hospital a little south of Albany
cause you took 30 klonopin and now you decide that you miss me

it's a little late for that
i'm way too busy being sad to focus on the things yr doing now

and you look so graceful when yr falling down the stairs
because you got too drunk at the warehouse
and noone helped, they laughed and stared
but you still had yr wits about you just enough to sing to me
and get us to my bedroom all alone, alone, alone with me

and i fell into you, you see
you felt so gentle, honestly, i thought i won the New York Lottery

and then i found out later about something that you did that night
something in the bathroom with a very good friend of mine
i didn't want to think about it, but now it's so clear to me
oh how could anybody but a rapist fall in love with me?
Track Name: Bruises
how can bruises be so beautiful
the pain of even a soft touch is so photogenic
fingertips in a panic at the sight of yr flinch
black and blue all around, yr forgetting what to do
oh i have no clue

how can bruises be so beautiful
watercolor under my skin, i'm beginning once again anew

we can share the stories of the past few days
or how you tripped and fell when i met yr gaze
yr eyes widen, oh i've decided that i must move on

i'll sing the words back at the stage
some boy in a band has read a page of my journal
and gave it melody and rhyme
how can bruises be so beautiful
a mural on my body, it comes from within,
ive decided i must move on
Track Name: I Wanna Be A Cop
i wanna be a cop, i wanna be a cop
but im gunna ride a board so they dont know that im a cop
theyll offer me a doobie i'll politefully decline
then im gunna go and see if they can walk a straight line
dude yr fucking cool, dude yr fucking cool
ill learn all the lingo so they think i fucking rule
then ill flash my lights theyll turn and run,
run run run from the sound of my gun

i wanna be a dad, i wanna be a dad
be a part of the couch just like my dad
i'll watch soap operas during the day
and then complain that i wont get laid
honey get the kids, honey get the kids
ive gotta see if the mets win and when they dont ill sit and cry
cry cry cry cause i lost my life
Track Name: Shemp
i left my whiskey on the floor, she dont love me anymore
and ghosts are following me, crossing mountains and seas
just to violate me
i kicked a hole in my guitar, dont you know its super hard
getting high all the time, swapping pizzas for dimes
waiting for our parents to die
Track Name: The Work of God/All Good Things
i went to a psychic on route 109
torn up sign on the front door and an ice cream man outside
and she said i am a woman of the cherokee
blessed like all the women in my family
youve got the devil in you, boy
youve got yrself surrounded with 2 kinds of dark energy
i can do the work of god for you honey

so i went and took out money from the bank
when i got out of my fast food job
she said i couldnt cleanse my fucking spirit
with a stained white polo shirt on
and she said why would you worry about the money
how much would you pay for peace of mind anyway?
youve got the devil in you, boy
youve got yrself surrounded with 2 kinds of dark energy
i can do the work of god for you honey

stroll up to the long drive, grass overgrown, a small space
an environment of its own.
trees growing exactly where they were and more
the flowers living and dead regeneration over and over again
a space unkept, where i slept, my dreams will continue to sleep
all good things must come to an end
the door ajar, i step inside
dust in the halls, ghost in the walls
feeling the way that i explore the memories
with the colors less defined
most divine, this time knowing
all good things must come to an end
following the floorboards, following the paneling
with spray paint obscenities, images disgracing,
defacing the memories
they say that scars will heal in time
i can still hear the laughter in the halls
i can still feel the cold autumn air
a life worth living i will defend
yet all good things must come to an end.